Case of 25 Teleflex Rainbow 6K TachsCase of 25 Teleflex Rainbow 6K Tachs

Case of 25 Teleflex Rainbow 6K Tachs

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First off....we need to point out that these tachs DO NOT INCLUDE THE GAUGE MOUNTING BRACKET.  If you need a mounting bracket, we do sell them for $6.95 each BUT most standard Teleflex brackets will work.  

We are cleaning house and need to make room for new inventory.  Buy these tachs for under $5.00 each...which we normally sell for $10.00 and that price is still much less than the retail price of $75.00.  Not sure why you would want so many but just to have or resale.  We also have matching speedos. 

You are looking/bidding on a CASE OF 25 New Old Stock (NOS) TELEFLEX BRAND BOAT TACHOMETERS for an older boat.  Part number 54109.  UNIVERSAL fit for 4, 6, & 8 cylinder gas engines ( sorry, NO outboard engine settings on this tach).  These are overstock gauges that has been in inventory for a while and never been in a boat.  Multi colored background with black bezel.  Reads up to 6000 RPM.  Outside bezel of tachometer measures 3-3/4" with a hole size needed to mount of 3-1/4".  Gauges work great when tested...needle moved smoothly.  Includes light. Replace your old, or faded or non-working gauge with a new one....or keep as a spare.    A little dial on the back sets the gauge for your engine cylinder size. 

Just to clarify - this tach only works for 4, 6, & 8 cylinder gas engines (inboard or I/O).  This tach will NOT work on outboard engines.  ALSO....DOES NOT INCLUDED GAUGE MOUNTING BRACKETS....we did not get them when we purchased these. 

Save today.  Gauge retailed at $75.00 and up back in the day when these were made.  Still new gauges, only old stock.